Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Prince of Tides

Just call him "The Prince of Tides."

Between John Mason's moniker as the "Prince of Tour Guides" and the fact that he works on the Circle Line boat, I don't know how the New York Times didn't come up with some variation on that title for this piece.

It's a great article - if you read closely, you can tell the entire theme of the article is the disconnect between tourists and guides. Those of us in the profession certainly nod knowingly at lines like "the film references seemed to excite passengers much more than the historical ones."

I've heard Lee Gelber refer to himself as the "Dean" of Tour Guides but never heard anyone referred to as the "Prince" of Tour Guides before. I've got to come up with a good title for myself - Prime Minister of Tour Guides? Vizier of Tour Guides? Archbishop of Tour Guides? Any other suggestions?


  1. Well, I've certainly consorted with a fellow guide or two in my time.

  2. Shah? Tsar? Emperor? Count? Emir? Prime Minister?

  3. Very clever article, and yessir that disconnect is clear, but things that aren't considered?
    1) January is the shittiest time to try to connect w/tourists
    2) If you speak in a classic deadpan/monotone, who the fuck is gonna wanna listen to you at all?
    3) Circle line must be notorious for no interest in an English speaking tour guide, if all they get is mostly no English speaking tourists. I may not get polite midwesterners, but a dickload of Australian and British tourists enjoy my shit to the full extent!
    In any case that restuarant joke is good, i gotta use that...